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What Is Inverter

An inverter is a device that helps convert from direct current to alternating current. This allows most devices to be operational with a direct current power source (battery) as most electrical products run with alternating current.

For a factory or manufacturer, inverters are used to smooth the process of manufacturing and energy saving.

The Purpose of Inverter

Most factories rely on conveyor belts to deliver the raw materials from a machine to another in the process of manufacturing. An inverter is used ensure the converter belt accelerates smoothly, preventing the products from stumbling due to sudden movement.
In this case, the inverter is used to control the frequency of the current, before supplying the power to the motor converter belt. Therefore, by giving small power frequency at the initial state, and gradually increasing the supply over the time, the converter belt will be able to start moving in a slow pace, and slowly pick up the speed.

Malaysia Inverter Manufacturers

The inverter can prevent energy wastage as well. Most factories include fan and pump systems in the operation. There are times that the machines are not required to function in full capabilities. For example, at times you might only need the fan to spin at 70% of its top speed, using only a portion of its power.

If inverters are unavailable, what can be done is, to install a stopper to contain the excess wind created from the fan, leaving only the essential wind to access operating parts. However, this results in a serious wastage of energy. Hence, with the utilization of inverters, the frequency of the energy reaching the fan can be controlled beforehand, directly resulting in the fan operating at only 70% capacity.

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Therefore, many factories installed inverters in their operation chain, to support the production. However, if you faced problem or issues during the break down of inverters in Malaysia, PSC Technology provides inverter repair services in Malaysia. Our technicians are skilled to repair all brands of inverters, including Teco, Focus, Holip, Mitsubishi, VFD, Danfoss, Delta, Hitachi, Watt Drive, Fuji and more.

With PSC Technology, your inverters are in good hands.

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